Be My Valentine

V is for Valentine's Day.

I have never been in love with the day. It seems a bit contrived and mushy. The heart shaped candies, the wilted red carnations and all the stereotypical cards. I believe in true love (because I was lucky enough to find it) I just don't love that there's a set day to celebrate it.

The first year we started dating, Chip and I decided that Valentine's Day should be celebrating with a bottle of Champagne and Domino's Pizza. It's a tradition we've continued into our married life, and one I adore. No gifts (although Chip broke that rule this year, what a wonderful man), no expectation, just me, him and deliciousness!

After stumbling upon this photo from A Field Journal I was inspired to make my own Valentines. These were so original and posh, a far cry from the sappiness that oozes out of Hallmark.


I used construction paper from my scrap-booking days and found the cameos online. Surprisingly I was able to trace the cameos with a pencil and use regular scissors to cut them out. A simple coating of paste worked to put everything together, except the bows which were attached with hot glue. 


 I had fun with color and tried to tailor each one to the girl it was being sent to. I believe I have the best girl friends in the world and this was a personal way to thank them for their continued love and support.




Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

What's your favorite Valentine's Day tradition?


0 # Rachel Friedlander 2010-02-14 21:34
I loved my vday card and I missed this post so it was a wonderful Vday surprise!!!!
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